Sunday Locks: 2023 Week 13

Craig Ebinger
4 min readDec 3, 2023

Chargers (-5.5) @ Patriots, O/U 40

The Bailey Zappe kicks off with a home game against the disappointing Chargers. I think it’s safe to say if the Chargers don’t win this game, Brandon Staley will finally be relieved of his duties. I don’t see that happening though. The Chargers win big here. I’ll lay the number and take the under.

Picks: Chargers -5.5 (Fort Knox), UNDER 40 (Padlock)

Lions (-4) @ Saints, O/U 47

Huge game for both of these NFC teams. The Lions need a win, and a convincing one, to feel a little better about themselves following back to back very disappointing efforts by them. They also need a win to stay in the hunt for the #1 or #2 seeds in the playoffs. The Saints need a win following a bad loss against the Falcons last week that tied them atop the NFC South. I expect the Lions to bounce back in a big way here. I’ll lay the number with the Lions and take the over.

Picks: Lions -4 (Padlock), OVER 47 (Deadbolt)

Falcons (-2) @ Jets, O/U 33.5

Aaron Rodgers is back! Well, practicing at least, sort of. I don’t know. It’s all very confusing. That said, I just believe that he will return at some point this season, and a win here would almost guarantee that. So I’ll take the points with the Tim Boyle-led Jets along with the under.

Picks: Jets +2 (Padlock), UNDER 33.5 (Deadbolt)

Cardinals @ Steelers (-5.5), O/U 41

The Cardinals were playing some feisty ball up until last week when they looked completely inept against the Rams, on both sides of the ball. And the Steelers offense had new life last week that I expect to continue here. I’ll lay the number with the Steelers and take the over.

Picks: Steelers -5.5 (Deadbolt), OVER 41 (Padlock)

Panthers @ Buccaneers (-3.5), O/U 37

Normally, when a head coach gets fired, I jump all over that team the following week. I believe that it typically injects life into that team and they play inspired ball. But I don’t see that happening here. I believe that Frank Reich was done wrong here and I certainly believe that Josh McCown and Duce Staley were done wrong here. I think this Panthers team completely implodes the rest of the way. I’ll lay the number with the Bucs and take the under.

Picks: Buccaneers -3.5 (Deadbolt), UNDER 37 (Deadbolt)

Colts (-1) @ Titans, O/U 42.5

Are the Colts actually going to make the playoffs? I have no idea. A win here would put them in a great spot though. Unfortunately for them, Jonathan Taylor is out again and I feel like Gardner Minshew is due for a dud. On the road against a Mike Vrabel-led Titans team seems like the spot for that. So I’ll take the Titans here in what is essentially a pick’em, along with the under.

Picks: Titans +1 (Deadbolt), UNDER 42.5 (Fort Knox)

Dolphins (-9.5) @ Commanders, O/U 49.5

Don’t overthink this. The Dolphins are good. The Commies are not. The Dolphins are explosive. The Commies can’t stop the pass. I’ll lay the number with the Dolphins and take the over (but really just the Dolphins team over).

Picks: Dolphins -9.5 (Fort Knox), OVER 49.5 (Padlock)

Broncos @ Texans (-3), O/U 47.5

Sneaky, awesome game here. These two 6–5 teams are currently the 1st and 2nd team on the outside looking in of the AFC Wild Card race. They’re both scorching hot, although the Texans did lose a nailbiter last week. I’ll simply go with the logic of the Broncos have to lose sometime with my pick here and lay the field goal with the Texans. I’ll also take the under.

Picks: Texans -3 (Deadbolt), UNDER 47.5 (Deadbolt)

Browns @ Rams (-4), O/U 40.5

Who is playing QB for the Browns on Sunday? I have no clue. And the Rams look hot. So I’ll lay the number with the Rams and take the under.

Picks: Rams -4 (Deadbolt), UNDER 40.5 (Fort Knox)

49ers (-3) @ Eagles, O/U 48

WHAT A TREAT THIS GAME IS. These two teams hate each other. They’re talking smack. There’s bad blood. This is football. Both of these teams are elite. Both of them fully expect to be playing in February. Both of these teams may very well see each other again the last week in January. The Niners look like the best team in football right now whereas the Eagles have not looked great. But the Eagles just keep winning. They are the first 10–1 team in the Super Bowl era to be underdogs at home, and they are by a full field goal. This screams trap to me. And I’m falling right in. Give me the points with the Eagles along with the over.

Picks: Eagles +3 (Padlock), OVER 48 (Deadbolt)

Chiefs (-6) @ Packers, O/U 42.5

I’m so excited for this game too. The Chiefs are vulnerable. Their defense has been great, but their offense looks like it has very real problems. The Packers are hot. They made a huge statement on Thanksgiving and they look ready to make a playoff run. I don’t know if they pull off the victory here, but I’ll gladly take the points with the Packers here along with the under.

Picks: Packers +6 (Deadbolt), UNDER 42.5 (Padlock)



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